Kannada Prabha newspaper

Kannada Prabha newspaper


Kannadaprabha – Kannada daily Kannadaprabha was started from Bangalore on 4 November 1967 as a subsidiary of Indian Express, which operates India’s largest press group. It is one of the leading daily newspapers in Kannada. Published by the renowned Indian Express team. Three editions are being published from the cities of Bangalore, Mangalore, Shimoga, Belgaum, Hubli and Gulbarga.

MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar, who currently owns TV news channel Suvarna News, is the owner of Kannadaprabha newspaper.

Kannadaprabha newspaper has contributed to Kannada literature and film industry.

In its first issue, the paper stated its mission statement: We belong to no party. We cooperate with all those who strive to improve the lives of common people. We will work hard with all those who are engaged in the welfare of common people. There is no greater, more meritorious national service than this. This is democracy… We agree to ignore the good of the individual for the good of the whole, and the good of the common good for the good of the individual. One should lead to another achievement. One must lead to the other. We will work to uphold the harmony of these collective rains.

Although this paper is published by an organization that publishes an English paper, it is not an imitation of an English paper. It is a newspaper with independent attitudes as a representative of the Kannada people.

The newspaper has a wide range of news sources as the primary focus of newspapers is news delivery. In addition to regular news collection agencies in state and foreign news collection, this newspaper also has a special system of express news service which is extensive all over the world. It has maintained its own opinionated character by striking an independent ground in publishing news and opinion. Kannada Prabha has also conducted many feature-rich experiments which are useful for reading. It was the first newspaper to introduce a daily serial novel in order to develop the reading habit and provide entertainment among the readers.

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