PM Svanidhi Scheme


The central government is implementing a scheme to assist small businessmen in the country. Under this scheme, a loan of up to Rs 10,000 is guaranteed to start a new employment.

And by the way, the coroner’s job has been badly affected by street vendors during the epidemic. So the government has started this scheme especially for street vendors. The name of the project is Prime Minister Swanidhi Scheme. The present government has extended the scheme to 2024.

Interest Subsidy ..!
Under the Prime Minister’s Swanidhi Scheme, street vendors are given loans of up to 10 thousand rupees to resume their work. The specialty is that the loan interest is subsidized. If someone repaid the loan for the first time, they will be eligible for a loan of Rs.

Aadhaar card required!
To take advantage of the Prime Minister’s Swanidhi Scheme, the applicant is required to have an Aadhaar card. There is no guarantee for this loan. The amount of the loan approved by the application will be transferred within 3 months. It can be repaid in installments every month over a period of one year.

How to apply for a loan?
The Prime Minister can apply at any government bank to take advantage of the Swanidhi scheme. Take the form of this scheme in all government banks and fill it out. In addition, you need to attach a photocopy of your Aadhaar card. Once the application is approved, the first month’s installment will be credited to your account.

How much debt?
The government has increased the budget of the project to promote digital payments, including cash-back, to street vendors. The government is confident that around 1.2 crore people in the city will benefit from the project. Under this scheme, loans up to 31.9 lakhs have been approved till 25 April 2022. In addition, Rs 2,931 crore for a 29.6 lakh loan. 51 crores as subsidy interest. Has given.

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