PM Awas Beneficiaries List


Do you know about Prime Minister Awas’ plan? On June 25, 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the project. The aim of the PM Awas project is to provide housing for all in urban areas.

The Eaglelay Central Government has approved a proposal to build 1.12 crore houses for all eligible families or beneficiaries under PMAY-U.

The Central Government will assist all eligible families or beneficiaries to build houses through the States, Union Territories and Central Nodal Agencies.

Under this scheme, there is a mandatory rule for a family woman or a homeowner, homeowner or co-owner. This has been notified on the official website.

You can also check whether your name is on the list of beneficiaries if you have applied to take advantage of this project. Here are step-by-step details for that.

First: Visit Prime Minister Awas Project Official Website –

2: Click on the ‘Search Beneficiary’ tab available in the navigation bar. There is a drop-down menu.

3: From the menu, click on the ‘Search by Name’ option.

4: Enter your name and click on the ‘Search’ option. The important thing to note here is that the applicant gets access to the PMAY-city list after clicking on the ‘Search’ option. You can search later for any other relevant information, such as names you choose.

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