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Defense Minister Rajnath Singh announced the fire plan on Tuesday (June 14). Under the Agnipath scheme, the youth of the country will have the opportunity to join the army. The youth selected under this scheme are called Agniweer.

Agnipath allows patriotic and motivated youths to serve in the armed forces for a period of four years. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said the youth will be recruited to the army for four years under this Agnipath project. In an official statement issued by the Ministry of Defense, it is said that after the completion of the 4-year working period, a large amount of ‘retirement’ package will be paid to ‘Agnewir’. It is free from income tax. Who can apply under the Agnipath scheme, what is the recruitment process, what is the salary and what are the benefits?

Agnipath Project: Who is Eligible?

Your age must be between 17 and 21 years to be eligible for the Agnipath plan. In this appointment the army is selected by the same process. This means that the appointment will be made in accordance with the rules laid down by the army. This will give you the opportunity to serve in the Armed Forces for a total of 4 years including training period after appointment.

How much is Agneveera’s remuneration?

According to the Ministry of Defense, under the service fund package, soldiers receive an annual package of Rs 4.76 in the first year and Rs 6.92 lakh in the fourth year. Talk about monthly wages, youngsters in the first year are paid Rs. For the fourth year, this monthly salary is Rs. Becomes ..

EPF / PPF facility available but no pension

The EPF and PPF facility is available to all candidates who are recruited under the Agnipath scheme. Agnewir contributes 30 per cent of the monthly salary and the government contributes an equal amount. It would be exempt from income tax. In addition, the Ministry of Defense has said that youth hired under the Agnipat scheme will have no right to gratuity and pension.

48 lakh insurance and more

According to the Ministry of Defense, some allowances are also available with the annual package. This includes rations, dress, travel allowance and risk and hardship. If disabled within four years, full pay and interest will also be paid for the non-service period. In addition, Agnivers will also be given a life insurance cover of Rs 48 lakh for their term in the Indian Armed Forces.

Volunteers will also have the opportunity for military recruitment

It is worth noting that after 4 years of service, young people have the opportunity to volunteer for the army recruitment. But, this is only possible when there are appointments in the army at that time. Four years later, firefighters are also awarded certificates for various military skills.

What are the Terms of Service under Agnipath?

After four years of service, 25% of firefighters are retained in the general cadre on the basis of eligibility, willingness and medical fitness. He will later serve a full 15-year term. The other 75% of the firefighters will be exited or partly funded by bank loans for their monthly contributions and skills certificates and assistance in their second career with a “service fund” package of Rs 11-12 lakh.

When does Agnipath recruitment begin?

Recruitment of the first firepath entry rally begins September – October 2022.

What are the advantages of this project?

It provides a once in a lifetime opportunity for young people to serve their country and contribute to national development. The Armed Forces are younger and more vibrant. Agnewiris has a good economic package, which has the opportunity to train civil society and institutions in good military policy and improve their skills and qualifications. It makes a well-disciplined and skilled youth with military policy in civil society.

Can girls apply for Agnipath admission and are there any reservations for girls?

Yes, girls within a certain age limit are free to enter Agnipath, but there is no such reservation for women under this scheme.

Does this plan make any difference in the age of leaving the military?

Military officials have said the new system will help reduce the average age of the armed forces. In the military, the average age drops from 32 to 26.

Is there any change in the defense budget?

525,166 crore in defense budget of 2022-23. 1,19,696 crore for defense pension. 2,33,000 crore for Rajaswa cost. The cost of revenues includes the payment of wages and expenses on the maintenance of the firm.

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