GoodNews: Those over 40 get a month from the government ₹ 1000 ..! How to apply?


If your age is over 40 you can get Rs 1000 per month. Here’s how it’s informative.

How do I know how to apply?

If your age is over 40 you can get Rs 1000 per month. For this you need to join the Atal Pension Scheme. According to statistics, nearly 4 crore people have joined the Atal Pension Scheme.

Joining this project is very easy. This project is considered very good for old age. To avail of the scheme’s old age pension, the applicant has to deposit the money every month.

When the applicant reaches the age of 60, the applicant begins to receive a certain amount as a pension in accordance with the money deposited. In this way, the person who takes advantage of the scheme does not have to rely on anyone in his old age and has to worry about daily expenses.

Let us tell you that the Atal Pension Scheme is a government scheme and it provides guaranteed income. It can easily get 1 thousand to 5 thousand rupees in pension form depending on the investment.

By joining the scheme, both husband and wife are paid Rs. Any resident of India can take advantage of this scheme. You can also take advantage of this plan if your age is less than 40 years.

In fact, the age of enrolling in this scheme is 18 to 40 years, so individuals over 40 cannot take advantage of the scheme.

To take advantage of this scheme, you must invest at least 20 years. When you reach 60 years, you begin to take advantage of this project.

How many pensioners are getting the pension:

If the applicant is 18 years old, the applicant can invest Rs 210 per month and get a pension of Rs 5000 per month from the age of 60 years.

If the applicant wants a pension of Rs 1000 from 60 years of age, then the applicant will have to invest Rs 42 per month from the age of 18 years. In this pension scheme, if the applicant wants to withdraw his deposit at the age of 60, it is also possible in some cases.

Further, if the husband dies at the age of 60, the benefit of this pension is paid to the deceased husband’s wife. On the other hand, if both husband and wife are dead, the nominee is fully refunded.

To join this project, you need to have a bank or post office account, plus your Aadhaar card and phone number. Under this scheme, the applicant can deposit the money at the monthly, quarterly and semi-annual levels.

One side of the benefit is that by investing money in this pension scheme, you can save tax up to Rs 1.5 lakh. You get this exemption under Section 80C.

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