PM Jan Arogya Yojana


Ayushmann is the Prime Minister of India’s Prime Minister’s Health Plan (PMJAY), a health insurance scheme introduced by the central government. Under this scheme, a family of Rs. 5 Lakh insurance.

The National Health Agency (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare) states on its website,

Planning purpose

The Prime Minister’s Janaka Health Plan aims to provide quality health care. Reduce financial burden on poor and vulnerable families

Here are the things you need to know about the Prime Minister’s People’s Health Plan (PMJAY):

  • PMJAY Scheme provides Rs 10.74 crore to poor and vulnerable families (approx. ೫೦ crore beneficiaries) annually. The National Health Organization says health insurance will be provided for up to 100,000.
  • PMJAY is a merit based project and does not require a formal registration process.
  • Free treatment available at all public and empaneled private hospitals.
  • Cashless and cashless access to quality health care for all beneficiaries.

Eligibility Check:-
Those who wish to take advantage of this scheme can contact the helpline number 14555/1800111565 to check eligibility. Or visit the nearest General Service Centers (CSC) or log on to the website. In addition Empanel can check in hospitals.

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