LIC Kanyadhan Scheme


There is a scheme of the Indian Life Insurance Corporation. In this you can raise a large sum of money for your daughter’s wedding.

You will receive this money after your daughter reaches the age of marriage.

31 lakh will be given to the daughter’s wedding

In Kanyadana policy, you have to pay Rs 150 per day. That means you need to invest Rs 4530 per month. You have to pay a premium for 22 years and when you complete 25 years you get Rs 31 lakh. With this you will be able to add good money to your daughter’s wedding.

The rule

To invest in a policy, your age should be at least 30 years and the daughter’s age should not be less than one year. This policy lasts for 25 years. However, you only have to pay your premium for 22 years. You can only take this policy when your daughter is more than a year old.


  • Aadhaar card,
  • Proof of income,
  • Pproof of identity,
  • Address proof,
  • Passport size photo,
  • B Daughter birth certificate etc.

Premium money

You can pay the premium by check or cash.

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