You can make a PAN Card before the age of 18! Here’s the process


The PAN card is a very important document. Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a very important document for any financial transaction. It requires everything from transferring money to a government office to a bank account or investing anywhere.

Usually people do PAN card after 18, but let us tell you that before the age of 18, you can apply for PAN card. If you can apply for your child’s PAN card, it is important to follow these steps.

PAN card for a child under 18 years of age
If you want to apply for a PAN Card for a child under 18, then the process is very simple. Let us tell you, no minors can apply for a PAN Card directly. For this the parents of the child can apply on their behalf.

Here is the easy process to apply: –

  • If you wish to apply for PAN Card online, first go to NSDL’s web site.
  • Fill in all personal information when selecting the right category of applicant at this time.
  • Now you have to load up many other necessary documents, including proof of age of the minor and a photo of the parent.
  • Upload parental signatures only at this time.
  • After paying a fee of Rs 107, you submit the form.
  • After this you will get the receipt number which you can use to determine the status of the application.
    At the same time, you will receive the mail after applying.
    The PAN card will reach you within 15 days of successful verification. These documents are required.
  • The PAN card application requires multiple documents.
  • Requires parental address and identification proof of the minor.
  • Proof of address and identification of applicant is required.
    Further, as proof of identity, it is mandatory for parents of minors to submit any Aadhaar card, ration card, passport, driver’s license, voter ID card or any other document.
  • In addition, aadhaar card, post office pass book, property registration document or a copy of the original residence certificate must be submitted for proof of address.
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